About NAJtech

About NAJtech

NAJtech is contributing to supply modern and innovative production solutions to the Swedish manufacturing industry, in close cooperation with manufacturers, customers and other cooperation partners under the device:

” Innovative production together”

The founder:

” I founded NAJtech based on a 35-year experience from the market for production equipment to the mechanical industry. Someone might say that you can” lean against” that experience, but this expression does not at all fit into the fast development in this market. The experience does however guarantee a stability and confidence in the contact with customers and suppliers and a good base to make decisions on.

At the beginning of my career, a milling machine could mill and a lathe could make turning operations. Period. However, today it is difficult to know if a production equipment is based on a lathe or a milling machine. To that we must add new technologies like additive manufacturing/laser welding and the machines become more like what in Germany is called a

”Eierlegende Wollmilchsau”, or shortly – something that can do everything!

In my early days, the German, Swiss and US producers of production equipment dominated the market, but successively other interesting manufacturers from e.g. Spain have entered the market.

Grinding is another area that has been treated with skepticism during the last years and the method has often been looked at as sticky, difficult and outdated. But with today´s grinding material and machine technology, the grinding has made a comeback and is today again a very interesting method that often well competes with e.g. hard turning if you look at the total cost TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Therefore, you find quite a lot of grinding and honing technology among the NAJtech partners.

NAJtech wants to be a catalyst and question things within production technology and therefore dare to ask unconventional questions, as both customers and suppliers can easily stick to “common thinking” and often believe that a certain equipment would work out best, when instead maybe you should look for something totally different.

Here, NAJtech can make a difference and dare to question old thought courses.

With a well spread network among manufacturers of production equipment as well as customers within the Nordic manufacturing industry, NAJtech has the possibility to connect the actual need with the correct producers and thereby contribute to a better production economy for the producers.

Jan Wedar


Jan Wedar

CEO and Owner

+46 (0) 70 304 08 61